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2018 Conroe KidzFest | City of Conroe

The Jurassic Extreme gang always looks forward to spring and summer because that’s when all the kid’s festivals get scheduled. This Spring season kicked off nicely as we were invited yet again to the City of Conroe’s Kidzfest on Saturday, April 28th. We’ve participated in several events for Conroe and our walking dinosaurs always enjoy when they get asked back by popular demand. Now I know some of you may think, well I’ve never been there or that’s a little far from my neighborhood, but if you haven’t experienced the City of Conroe’s festivities, you are missing out!

This year’s event had a block party feel which gave our team tons of space to let our dinosaurs roam free, and roam free they did! You could see the frenzy from the distance as onlookers rushed towards us upon our arrival. Rocco and Reese were the first VIP’s on the scene and their entrance truly had all the kiddos star struck! Rocco always gets a crowd, but this time Reese gave him a bit of competition as this was her first time making an appearance to this event. We were able to have the kids dance with the dinosaurs and show us their best moves. However, Reese was the dancing queen that day. We wanted to give the kids a special treat by letting them all feed the dinosaurs and I have to say to say, going through four bags of dino-pop, everyone had a chance to share in the experience.

Jurassic Extreme had another surprise in store for the Kidzfest as we brought Ramsey, our Triceratops, to the event. Ramsey is always such a ham and he loves every minute of the attention. He had his moment to dance with the kids as well and posed for several pictures. As always, it was hard to say goodbye, but we look forward to attending the next City of Conroe event if they have us! And we hope to see you there as well!

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Trex Dinosaur Rocket Returns to Jurassic Extreme

Our first and most popular walking dinosaur at Jurassic Extreme returns to Houston this summer. This is Rocket. Book now before someone else does.



To book Jurassic Extreme for your next event please use the form below to request a quote.


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    Feed the Dinosaur

    Ever wonder what our dinosaurs eat when their hungry? Well even though they like to watch their prehistoric figures, they like to indulge every once in a while and you’ll never guess what that indulgence is….POPCORN! That’s right, while there are many options, Popcorn is their absolute favorite.


    Jurassic Extreme Kids Birthday Party in Houston


    Jurassic Extreme recently decided who better to experience feeding our walking dinosaurs than our kids, so we’ve added another memorable experience for all our birthday boys and girls. And to be perfectly honest, it’s the ONLY time we let Rocco, Riley, Ramsey, Reese, Rocket X and Remy go off their diets. We have to put our disclaimer out there because Rocco and Rocket X tend to devour their popcorn and sometimes leave little reminders that they were munching out. Ramsey on the other hand is a slow eater, so you have to be patient with him. Reese, she’s a very picky eater so if it’s not just right she’ll let you know. Remy inhales popcorn and it’s gone in the blink of an eye, whereas Riley is always getting the pieces stuck in her teeth so she has popcorn breath for the rest of the day.


    Jurassic Extreme Kids Birthday Party in Houston


    The great things about all of their little tendencies is that it makes for a great show! In fact, we’ve had to remind the kids that the popcorn is special for the dinosaurs because they start eating it as well, so it’s safe to say – Everyone loves Popcorn and our new activity! Even our dinosaurs try to follow a healthy diet but have to cheat every now and then. So just when you thought you had seen it all, we have added ANOTHER great birthday activity to our list.


    Jurassic Extreme Kids Birthday Party in Houston


    Jurassic Extreme wants to bring you the best experience possible and that’s what makes us unique. No matter the occasion or situation, we find  ways to make it the best memorable moment it can be. So make sure your kids are ready to feed our dinosaurs at your next party, because they will be ready willing and hungry!

    Are you hosting a kids birthday party in Houston? Book now before someone else.

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