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Jurassic Extreme at Coreluv Defend the Orphan 5K 2016

It was our first time participating at Coreluv’s Defend the Orphan 5K run on Saturday, November 19th. Rocket, Rocket-X and Remy made an appearance at this awesome event in Montgomery, Texas. We hope to be back again next year to this awesome event! For more information about Coreluv and their cause visit:

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The Busiest Month of the Year for Jurassic Extreme!

Hello Dinosaur lovers!

It’s busy, busy, busy over here at Jurassic Extreme Headquarters. It’s official. October 29th will be our busiest day in the Jurassic Extreme history. All six of our dinosaurs are booked and ready to go.

Aside from our birthday appearances, we return to Southminster’s School Fall Festival for a second time. Discovery Green has asked us to be a part of their Toddler Tuesday on Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Excited about that! Also, drum roll please….we are coming back to Sugar Land Town Square for much smaller scaled event on Friday August 28 and Sunday October 30th for their 2016 Halloween Town event. On Halloween, we will be at the City of Pearland’s Halloween Trick or Treat event. Last but not least, Jurassic Extreme will be invading Greenspoint Mall for a fun Halloween event.

As always, we would like to thank our awesome city of Houston for the support and love for our dinosaurs! Expect for more new walking dinosaur costumes in 2017!

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Jurassic Extreme Takes Over San Jose, California

We’re back after a twenty-six hour road trip to San Jose, California with our walking dinosaur costumes. A long trip indeed but well worth it.  The Jurassic World themed event was produced by Method42 Productions out of Santa Clara, California. It was an employee appreciation event hosted by Apple. How cool is that?  

Guests were able to experience a Jurassic EXTREME experience. If golf cart rides to the Jurassic World ride doesn’t sound cool enough, how about seeing real-like, dinosaur action right in front of you. Witnessing dinosaurs chasing down people (yes, they were actors- nobody was injured:) Wrecked jeeps, park rangers, and complete hysteria. What more can you ask for?

Jurassic Extreme in San Jose, California

 We have never experienced any event like this. An amazing fully-produced Jurassic show for the people. It felt like we were part of a Jurassic Park movie and of course, Rocket, Remy, Riley, and Rocket-X were the super stars! 

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