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Who said Dinosaurs are extinct?

At Jurassic Extreme, we believe in breathing life into the ancient wonders of the past. While many marvel at static exhibits in museums or get lost in cinematic portrayals, we’re on a mission to offer something different, something real for everyone to experience.

We bring to you the Walking Dinosaurs experience!

Walking Dinosaurs


Reese (Dilophosaurus)

Rocket (T-Rex)

Razor (Velociraptor)


Riley (Velociraptor)

We can provide the Jurassic Extreme experience for any occasion -- Birthday parties, Corporate events involving guest interaction, or any other special events that require a unique entertaining experience (during holidays and festivals), hire us to make your event an awe-entertaining success.

Hire our Walking Dinosaurs for the following:


Excitement overload!

Sporting Events

Dinosaurs love sports too!


Walking Dinosaurs In Your Parade!

Private Events

Making Your Event A Jurassic One!

Yes, indeed! To take the Jurassic experience further, we can customize the adventure to the theme of your event.

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