Questions relating to the Dinosaurs

Where are your dinosaurs from?

All dinosaurs are engineered in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) and raised in China.

What do these dinosaurs do exactly?

The dinosaurs are mobile. They walk, they can run, their tail swings, head moves, mouth opens and closes and roars just like a real dinosaur would have 60 million years ago. The costume is worn by an operator and is controlled from the inside.

How long can an operator wear the costume?

Due to the safety reasons of the operator, a full performance is 1 hour. After 1 hour the operator needs a 15 minute break. If you need above 2 hours we can have a backup operator on standby to continue the performance. Please keep in mind, the costumes weight between 50lbs – 65lbs and it gets hot inside so it’s a lot of work for the performers but they can do it. Jurassic Extreme has covered events as long as 4 hours. All performers wear performer clothes. At no time will our performers wear jeans, shorts, khaki/camouflage pants or any other type of non-performer clothing. We are professional.

Will there be more dinosaurs in the future?

The answer is yes. We initially started with 2 dinosaurs and our 3rd + 4th dinosaur arrived around the Fall of 2015. Our manufacturer completed our 5th walking dinosaur costume which arrived in the summer of 2015 and our 6th dinosaur arrived during August 2016. Our 7th dinosaur, a Triceratops just arrived last year. Our 8th dinosaur, a Dilophosaurus, arrived in December 2017. We are not sure when we will stop buying dinosaurs. We are now thinking about baby dinosaur puppets and four-legged dinosaurs. Stay tuned!

Are your dinosaurs real?

No, they are not real. We could never have real dinosaurs. This is just impossible and incredibly dangerous.

How big are the dinosaurs and do they make any sound?

The dinosaurs measure 7 ft high and 12 ft long. Yes, they do make dinosaur sounds. For smaller kids we sometimes ask the performers to not trigger the sound.

Can the dinosaurs be rented for just about any event?

Yes they can, as long it is not raining. Let us know what you have in mind.

We ask that a parking space of 35 ft be available for our trailer that hauls the dinosaurs. This is very important.

Questions relating to payment

How much is it to rent the dinosaur?

Please send us email with details of your event and the length of time. We will provide you with a quote within 24 hours. Sometimes we answer within minutes.

Is there a deposit required to book a dinosaur?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required to book a date. The other 50% is due 5 days before the event. The reservation deposit is applied to the total entertainment cost.

What if I decide to cancel?

Deposits are non‐refundable; however, they are transferable based on availability. Refunds available for rainouts.

What forms of payment do you receive?

We gladly accept company checks, debit and credit cards.

Other questions.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are.

Do you sell the dinosaurs costumes?

Yes, we recently became an authorized seller of Walking Dinosaur Costumes in the USA. We have worked closely, for 3 years, with the same manufacturer to improve our costumes. We will make sure we get you the latest and greatest dinosaur model just as we do. Ask us about our used costumes! Please email us at for more information. Tip: Be very careful of costumes less than $4500.

Do you rent the dinosaurs costumes outside of Houston?

Yes, we can rent them out for commercial use only. Shipping the 350 lbs flight case with the costume in the USA ranges between $500 – $1500 round trip. Please contact for daily rate and shipping costs.

Does Jurassic Extreme appear at public events?

Yes we do. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest public events.

Are your costumes professionally made and from a reputable maker? Can we buy directly from you to make it easier?

Yes, they are. We have been using Only Dinosaurs, in China, since our inception. We are going on 4 years in 2019. No other manufacturer has made our costumes.

Yes, we can sell you a costume and handle every road-block you may encounter when importing your costume. Jurassic Extreme has imported over 20 costumes since 2015. Our most recent client is Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas.

Is it true you are behind Robots Extreme?

Yes, we launched a sister company focused on providing Robot Entertainment. Check us out!