Jurassic Extreme

Our vision at Jurassic Extreme is to bring another level of dinosaur entertainment to Houston.

You see amazing dinosaur exhibits at museums. Stomping through Blockbuster movies, captivating us through documentaries, and endearing our children with their omnipresent stature.

There is a reason why our beloved dinosaurs are timeless and remain a talking fantasy amongst us all. At Jurassic Extreme, we are dedicated in taking you into the lost world of real-life ,walking dinosaurs and giving you a jurassic experience like no other.

Our dinosaurs, Rocket and Razor, hatched in the Spring of 2015 followed by Rocco and Riley in the Fall of 2015. Rocket-X and Remy arrived in 2016. Our newest Triceratops dinosaur, Ramsey, arrived this summer. Their existence is detailed with life-like, blinking eyes, uncanny movement, and an authentic roaring sound.

Great experience for kids but fun for adults!