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Jurassic Extreme Goes to Space Center Houston

Jurassic Extreme marked off one of the biggest goals from our bucket list this January. What was the goal you ask? Well, taking the Walking Dinosaurs to the moon of course!!! We’re just kidding. Now although we didn’t quite make it to the moon, we made it close enough because we were invited to Nasa’s Space Center Headquarters for a super special birthday party for our space cadet, Fernando. Now although Fernando was a little older, that didn’t make him too cool for Dinosaurs! Thank goodness, because we could barely keep Ramsey, Riley, and Razor in the trailer. Once they saw the sign and space shuttle at the entrance, they were roaring to get out. And when our special guests were announced, we had a full house of thrilled kids, running around, and jumping up and down in anticipation. It was almost an intergalactic experience bringing our dinosaurs to this cosmic event. Fernando kicked off the party walking Riley and Razor and then decided to let his friends get their chance to walk too. With so many kids, and one of our largest birthdays yet, time flew by because we were having so much fun. Razor and Riley then got a chance to take some pictures and tickle the kids, but I think their dance off was their favorite. And although we don’t have favorite dinosaurs, Ramsey was the top pick for this party. We think it’s safe to say that they were star struck by his size and color. The kids lined up to kick the ball and didn’t hesitate when it came to dance with him. Maybe it seemed that way because Ramsey got to sing Happy Birthday to Fernando and helped him blow out the candles. Who knows? Let’s just say that either way it was a successful mission for Jurassic Extreme!

Jurassic Extreme Walking Dinosaurs

Are you ready for Jurassic Extreme to provide Dinosaur Entertainment for your child’s next dino party in Texas?

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New Dilophosaurus Walking Dinosaur Costume

Our 8th walking dinosaur costume, a Dilophosaurus, arrives to Jurassic Extreme in December. She will most definitely become a girl favorite. Riley + Remy are already jealous of the arrival of Reese.



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    Toddler Tuesday: We Are the Dinosaurs Jurassic Extreme Edition

    Discovery Green Toddler Tuesdays are kind of a big deal here in Houston and Jurassic Extreme has been lucky enough to be a part of this event twice now. Whenever our walking dinosaurs get invited here, they do their “Happy Dance” because it’s one of their favorite spots!!!! We’ve been a part of numerous Discovery Green events for the last few years and we truly enjoy it.



    On this Tuesday, you could see the line of toddlers waiting to see our dinosaurs with their parents for miles. Apparently, they started waiting for us before we arrived. Rocco took center stage for his photo ops with the kids. It was difficult sometimes to keep the kids out of the way while taking the photos because they were so in awe they just wanted to be near them. Most of our toddlers were brave boys and girls and  hugged our dinosaurs, while others took a while to warm up to them. The awesome event staff helped us keep the line moving smoothly and even helped taking pictures for all the parents. After a short break, we brought Riley out, so all the girls could feel the Girl Power having a female dinosaur in the picture with them. However, that caused a whole new frenzy because now the kids wanted another picture with Riley.



    Jurassic Extreme was the star of this event and we don’t mind it one bit. We even stayed a little longer because Rocco and Remy love the kids and Discovery Green made sure every toddler got their photo! I highly recommend keeping up with Discovery Green and their calendar of events, because the odds are we will be there again in the future. Whether it’s Rocco, Remy, Riley, Rocket, Rocket-X, Ramsey or Razor they always enjoy their fun filled events! Until next time!



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