Jurassic Extreme (Walking Dinosaurs Entertainment) brought in the new year with a birthday extravaganza held at Punks Simple Southern Food in Rice Village for Matthew, our birthday boy. On this day Rocco and Remy got the special invite to attend and as soon as they were unloaded, they caught everyone’s attention. Cars were stopping in the middle of the street as onlookers tried to catch a glimpse or snap a video or photo of our entourage. It literally felt like Paparazzi was chasing us down before we could even get on the premises. Since Matthew already knew about his big party, he didn’t hesitate to greet Rocco and Remy as soon as we arrived. He couldn’t contain his excitement and decided he would walk both dinosaurs in for the festivities. As his young friends waited patiently to get a chance to walk the dinosaurs themselves, you could see that these massive, almost mystical creatures fascinated and mystified them. However, we always make sure the kids at our events, big or small, know that our walking dinosaurs are friendly and there to have fun. The party was filled with numerous activities as Matthew and the kids showed off their best dance moves on the field with our dinosaurs. There were even a few races! Shortly after Matthew’s mom brought out several soccer balls and the kids played a few rounds as Rocco and Remy tried to steal the balls away from them. Our dinos were having so much fun, they decided they wanted to tickle Matthew and his friends before we had to go just to make sure they giggled and laughed as much as they could that day. And since time always flies when you are having fun, we made sure Matthew and the kids got to pet or give Rocco and Remy big hugs before we had to leave. It was a great start to 2018 and we can’t wait for the wonderful parties to come! We look forward to providing more dinosaur entertainment for kids parties in Houston.