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Jurassic Extreme Houston

Greetings from the Jurassic Extreme base. Hope you are having a fantastic week. With every new venture comes an equal part of excitement, anticipation and nervousness. To best describe this experience, it’s been a thrilling roller-coaster ride with many twists and turns. And, yes, a few subdued inner screams along the way. From international dealings with China (never dealt with them before) to shipping delays due to the current strikes in California; it’s been keeping us on edge but the unexpected is what makes any journey worthwhile. After all, if every new passionate idea was easy, everybody would be doing it, right?

So, let’s talk about the latest news, shall we?

Our T-Rex, Rocket is now scheduled to land in Houston on April 4th. Once he’s settled in and gets his well deserved home welcoming party, we will be sure to capture it all on video and share it with you. The whole Jurassic Extreme team can’t express how excited we are. We are just as excited as you are to see them in person and experience their awesomeness. My son Max Leon keeps reminding me of Rocket’s arrival. He is super excited and I can’t blame him. It’s been great sharing the same joy and excitement with him. Truly an amazing Father and Son experience.

We’re almost there folks!

On a different note, we would like to thank you all who have expressed interest, shared our page, liked our posts, contributed your skill-set to make this happen. Jurassic Extreme is fueled by family and friends that believe in this vision of ours. To bring a whole new dynamic to live entertainment with dinosaur-ism!

While we anxiously await their arrival, please be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Youtube and our Instagram page where we’ll keep you updated with the latest pictures, video footage, and news about the dinosaurs.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon and share our Walking Dinosaurs in Houston. I leave you with some cool fun facts our very own Marketing/Branding Ranger, Ozeal put together. Get ready to get your dinosaur 101 education right here! Enjoy.

5 Cool Fun Facts About Dinosaurs

  • Ever wondered the lifespan of a dinosaur? Well, some scientists speculate dinosaurs lived for as long as 200 years!
  • Dinosaurs dominated Earth for over 165 million years. Humans have been around for only 2 million years. I bet you didn’t know that
  • The Tyrannosaurus rex aka “T-Rex” had huge back legs, but its tiny front legs were not much longer than human arms. Want proof? Come see Rocket.
  • The first recorded description of a possible dinosaur bone discovery dates back to 3,500 years ago in China. (Rocket and Razor’s place of birth)
  • Dinosaurs are not extinct – Birds are considered living dinosaurs. Not to mention, Rocket and Razor 😉
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The Inspiration for Jurassic Extreme

My son Max Leon was introduced to dinosaurs on his 2nd birthday. He received a set of dinosaurs that included a tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, and other prehistoric reptiles. I vividly recall playing with toy dinosaurs with my son and being excited about sharing their names with him. Rediscovering my own fascination for dinosaurs as well.

His passion for dinosaurs grew quickly, which in turn, made my little Max into a collector of dinosaur toys. My wife and I wanted to do something special for Max Leon, so we decided to make his third birthday party a memorable one. One that would surely light him up! Yup, you guessed it. We wanted him to celebrate his birthday with dinosaurs!  We searched for Dinosaur Theme Entertainment in Houston and, to our surprise, couldn’t find anything. Frankly, I was baffled that one of the biggest, most popular loving animals weren’t available for kid entertainment. How could this be? I couldn’t help but to be inspired and motivated to bring live dinosaur entertainment, not only to my son, but to all the other kids and families that adore these grandiose reptiles. I was determined and excited to make it happen with the support of my wonderful family.

Fast forward to the end of 2014, Jurassic Extreme was no longer an idea, but a manifestation of something bigger than I can imagine. The decision was made and our two beloved dinosaurs, Rocket and Razor (Walking Dinosaurs in Houston) were born.

Anticipation is building, The cages are shaking. We are at the brink of our grand opening. I believe our passion for dinosaurs will roar through our city, private events, birthday parties, etc and will bring great joy for everyone that experiences Jurassic Extreme. No need to imagine yourself back in the Jurassic Era, we are bringing it to you and yours.

You can thank Max Leon for that.

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Welcome to Jurassic Extreme

Hello and welcome to our website!

We are excited to finally bring our website online and provide you with information about our company.

We are Houston’s first Premier Walking Dinosaurs Entertainment company. Walking Dinosaurs? Yes, walking dinosaurs. Sounds crazy, we know, but there is no denying our love and curiosity for Dinosaurs.  From kids to adults, there has always been a timeless fascination for these prehistoric animals.

Besides watching dinosaurs in movies and documentaries, where can you go to feel the actual presence of these amazing, giant reptiles. Fossils are interesting exhibits but what about the experience being in front of them? Ever wondered what it would be like?

Our Jurassic Extreme service can bring you back to the Jurassic Age and give you an experience like no other. We are super excited to introduce our walking dinosaurs to the great city of Houston and surrounding areas. We believe our pair of dinos will wow you and entertain your guests with our full, dynamic dinosaur production.

On March 23rd 2015. Dinosaurs will walk the earth again. With no ferociousness, just extreme friendliness and an eager to entertain you and your guests. Jurassic Extreme is ready to open up the cages and release the Jurassic experience to you.  We invite you to follow our journey on social media and visit our website frequently for updated information on our dinosaurs, photos and videos.

On behalf of the whole Jurassic Extreme team and of course, Rocket & Razor…

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you real soon.

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