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Walking Dinosaurs for Twin’s Birthday Party

On August 8 2015, Razor + Rocket were booked for a special dinosaur birthday party. But, this wasnt your typical birthday party. Kimberly and Samantha are twin sisters who were turning eight years old and guess what the theme was? Jurassic World!!  The cake, balloons, and party decorations roared pure Jurassic celebration All they needed now were walking dinosaurs to take their Jurassic theme to the next level. Both girls were aware of the dinosaurs arrival, however, they weren’t expecting Walking Dinosaurs like Rocket + Razor. Not to mention, we brought the dancing fever with our dancing loving dinosaurs. It seems to be catching a buzz at every party.  We can’t say we’re surprised either since they are some pretty awesome dancers. You have to see them live to witness it.  Quite the spectacle! Razor was on fire and won the dance battle. Check out the full dinosaur dance off video on our Youtube Channel and see for yourself.

Every party is different and unique. Both twin girls were hugging and kissing Rocket. Expressing their love and appreciation for him. There was a touching moment when one of the birthday girls was sadden by Rocket’s departure. She didn’t want him to leave, but Rocket returned quickly to shower her with dinosaur love once again. The look on her face was priceless.


This was was a fun and super entertaining birthday party!  It was great watching Razor bounce around during the dance off and seeing Rocket becoming a real super hero making a birthday girl’s party a priceless moment.


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Birthdays with a Jurassic Roar!

Where to begin? First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your continued love and support. Our social media channels have gotten a lot of “dinosaur loving” love from you due to all your shares, comments, and posts. We thank you sincerely.

There has been a lot of roaring at Jurassic Extreme HQ lately. We know it’s been awhile since we’ve added a new blog post so here we are ready to give you the latest news!

We took a small break after making major appearances around the city. However, our boys Rocket and Razor were anxious to get back in the mix and crash a few parties. Dinosaur BIRTHDAY parties to be exact!  After all, what kid isn’t amazed by dinosaurs?

Here’s a quick recap:

Devin’s 5th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, July 11th we headed to Conroe, Texas for a one hour appearance with Rocket + Razor. The birthday celebration took place at a beautiful, scenic park with a nice lake. Great spot for a birthday dinosaur party! Anyhow, this wasn’t the first time Devin had seen Rocket + Razor. He first met the dinosaurs at our CityCentre exhibit and has been following Jurassic Extreme online ever since. At first, he was a bit cautious, but it didn’t take long before he and the boys were  buddies!  Walking Razor around the public park was a hit. Devin and Razor attracted other kids that weren’t part of the party. How cool is that? Devin was the superstar! Devin had a blast with Rocket and Razor. Lots of photos were taken and smiles were stamped on everyone’s faces. What a great birthday and one that will surely be memorable for Devin.

Devin, Rocket and Razor say hello!


Andy’s 8th Birthday Celebration

After Devin’s party, we drove back to Houston for another birthday party. Yes, it was a double-header that day! Dinosaurs on a roll. Watch out!

This was an evening birthday party! And, this was the first time witnessing our dinosaurs parade the public streets with a birthday boy. Don’t worry, we ensured the safety for everyone before this happened. It was a pleasant evening for everyone to enjoy.

Both Rocket + Razor were booked for this birthday party, so it was fun watching the dynamic duo in action with the kids. Rocket even got a personal invite from the kids to join them in the jump house. Yeah, he felt pretty cool about that. After some fun play time, the kids had fun watching the Dino dance off. Andy picked Razor as the winner and guess what? He was right! Lately, Razor has been winning the competitions. Although, Razor hasn’t expressed his secret sauce to the public, we believe he’s been practicing a tad bit more on his dance moves. Lesson here kids. Practice, practice, practice:)

After the Dino dance off, it was time to sing happy birthday. Rocket and Razor loved it as they gathered around Andy to sing him a Happy, Happy Birthday! Soon that was over, the kids were ready for more dinosaur interaction.  Lots of pictures taken and a few brave kids were excited to put their heads in Rocket and Razor’s mouth. All smiles and laughter. It was great to see all the kids happy and enjoying the Jurassic Extreme experience with Rocket and Razor. Mission accomplished!

Andy, Rocket and Razor send you a big roooarr!


Jacobi’s 5th Birthday Celebration

It was a hot Sunday afternoon but we hit the road along with Rocket to Porter, Texas. We were ready  to surprise Jacobi at his birthday party. This “extremely” hot day was no match for the Jurassic “Extreme” crew!

Jacobi was ready for Rocket. Before his grand entrance, he grabbed the mic with excitement as he chanted Rocket’s name. The crowd were waiting in anticipation until Rocket stormed in with his 7 ft high/12 ft long loveable self. No size would intimidate the birthday boy though. Jacobi was in awe and excited to meet his new friend Rocket!

Jacobi and guests had an amazing time. The Dino dance was a hit with Jacobi + guestts dancing along. Rocket even busted out a few new moves never seen before by the team. He’s been practicing! Go Rocket!

Rocket rocked the party! Jacobi and friends/family were happy and we couldn’t be any more happier. Great party!

Jacobi, Rocket wants to thank you for an awesome time!

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Jurassic World Week in Texas

With the release of the highly anticipated summer film, Jurassic World, it’s quite safe to say Jurassic mania is running wild everywhere. Of course, we can’t complain. Jurassic Extreme made a major roar parading this week’s dinosaur frenzy with a few special appearances.

Walking Dinosaurs at Memorial City Mall (Houston, Texas)

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Jurassic Extreme invaded Memorial City Mall (Houston, Tx) for a two hour presentation. We had a great time watching the crowd interact with Rocket and Razor. Our dinosaurs even got a chance to walk around the mall. Thank you once again Memorial City for having us over. Rocket and Razor were happy to be a part of it.

Walking Dinosaurs at Studio Movie Grill (Dallas, Texas)

On Thursday, June 11, 2015 we headed to Studio Movie Grill Corporate Office and Theater in Dallas, Texas. Our dinosaurs got to hang out with the corporate office team before heading out to the theater for a two hour  “meet and greet” session as guests arrived for the opening of Jurassic World. Both Rocket + Razor were excited once again to see a dinosaur loving crowd. They got quite comfortable with everybody pretty quickly and enjoyed letting guests put their heads in their mouths. This seems to be getting popular with them. It was awesome seeing people take their photo ops with funny poses  and great humor. We loved it! Special thanks to the Studio Movie Grill Corporate Office for their hospitality and everyone who came out to show Rocket and Razor some love. They’re looking forward to visiting Dallas again as are we.


Walking Dinosaurs at CityCentre (Houston, Texas)

On Saturday, June 13, 2015 we were back home in Houston,Tx and ready for our next adventure. We took to the show to CityCentre for a two hour pre-historic program/presentation. With an online excitement brewing throughout the week, we were delighted by a packed crowd of 600+ kids and adults ready for Rocket and Razor’s arrival. We were a little worried due to threatening weather earlier that day, but that didn’t stop the crowd from witnessing the Jurassic Extreme experience live.

What can we say? It definitely exceeded our expectations. A job well done by our Jurassic Extreme host/emcee, Ozeal, and our whole Jurassic Extreme team. It was our second major public presentation but we muscled through our nervousness and felt pretty good afterwards. And, despite, the crowd control issue (Yes, Rocket and Razor were quite the rockstars,) the show was enjoyed by all that attended.

It was an amazing turn-out! The energy was off the charts. Happy kids everywhere. Parents smiling and marveling at the dinosaurs. Camera phones were on hyper mode. It was quite the spectacle to see. As for Rocket and Razor’s post thoughts, they were on cloud nine after the event. They have had a busy week, but not even the exhaustion can contain the excitement and joy they’ve gotten last week. They are ready for the next adventure. Let’s just say. We are too;)

A huge thank you to CityCentre for giving us the opportunity to share our Jurassic Extreme experience with everyone! Friendly, helpful staff and we couldn’t have asked for a better location. We just may be back for another show in 2016;)

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