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Daniel’s Ultimate Dinosaur Party in Houston

In October, Daniel celebrated one of the most memorable birthdays any kid would dream of. Enjoying his birthday with his new friends, Ramsey (Triceratops), Riley (Velociraptor), Reese (Dilophosaurus) and Rocket (Trex). His joy was priceless and this birthday will forever be unforgettable.

So, what do you do when your kid has an upcoming Houston kids birthday party and he or she loves dinosaurs?

The answer is simple. Jurassic Experience.

Book us today and let us make your kids birthday an unforgettable one.

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Luke’s Jurassic World Movie Party @ Studio Movie Grill

What kind of party do you host when your son turns 4 and loves dinosaurs? Well, a Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Movie Party! Luke had an awesome time celebrating his birthday at Studio Movie Grill with friends, family and dinosaurs. Rocket and Riley showed up after the movie to take pictures, tickle a few braves ones, sing happy birthday and take a walk around City Centre.


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Kayleigh + Rocco

Jurassic Extreme was invited as a special guest to Kayleigh’s birthday party at Pearland’s Centennial Park. And although our events are always special, this one was unique because our precious birthday girl had previously met Rocco at one of our Memorial City Mall Events and requested us to come to her party as a direct result of fascination at first sight. As soon as she saw Rocco she said “hello” and gave him a big hug as you could hear her friends comments filled with excitement around her. She couldn’t wait to walk him with all her friends. Rocco loved all the attention as always and Kayleigh didn’t want to let him go. As smitten as she was though, she was was a little nervous about feeding Rocco dino-pop. But it wasn’t long until she felt comfortable and all the kids joined in giving him his midday snack. Shortly after Rocco tickled the kids and then played a quick game of hot and cold. Although we had a few kids that tried to cheat, it was still a fun game for Rocco. The most memorable moment had to be when we sang Happy Birthday to Kaleigh. As she blew out her candles and she made her birthday wish, she turned to Rocco and said  “Thank-you for coming to my birthday party” and she gave him another big hug. The best part? We caught it on camera!

Are you hosting a Houston Kids Birthday Party? Is it a dinosaur theme party? Book Jurassic Extreme’s Walking Dinosaurs today!



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