Wondering what exactly are our walking dinosaurs?

Let’s talk dinosaurs. We provide top of the line of Walking Dinosaur Costumes in Houston. Only a few dinosaurs of this kind exist in the USA and most of them are older models. We have brought a new generation of walking dinosaurs to the great city of Houston. Coined as the energy capital of the world, we are poised and excited to bring the “Jurassic” energy onto this city.

The total production time takes approximately 25-40 days. These dinosaur making connoisseurs invest their time and creativity into perfecting every detail of the dinosaurs. Their rubber, reptile-skin tone provides an authentic dimension to their stature. With astonishing, blinking eyes reminiscent of a modern day, living dinosaur known as the alligator. Yup! An alligator. I bet you didn’t know that alligators are considered living dinosaurs by many scientists. WIth full motion head and leg movement, we are sure these walking dinosaurs will take you back to the Jurassic Era.

Experience them live at your next event or catch them making surprise, public appearances at various locations around the city. Razor and Rocket love people, so please be sure to stop them and say hello. We look forward to it.