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30th Annual McDonald’s Houston Children’s Festival

We were honored to participate and provide entertainment for our third year in a row! The dinosaurs didn’t come alone this time. They invited their new friend, AUX, of Robots Extreme to the festivities and delivered an all-out performance.

Dancing with the kids. Posing for the camera. Simply having a great time with the crowd. It was a special evening for us and we were happy to be a part of it.

Dinosaurs + Robots = Extreme FUN!

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Jurassic Extreme @ Plaza Paseo


Are you ready for some dinosaur entertainment? Saturday afternoons at Plaza Paseo just got a little more exciting!


The last Saturday of every month from 4PM-5PM, Plaza Paseo in Pasadena brings Jurassic Extreme to their town square mall. Grab a friend and be prepared to go down in prehistory.

Jurassic Extreme at Plaza Paseo

Jurassic Extreme will be bringing by different walking dinosaurs the last Saturday of every month in 2018. So, if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet our charming walking dinosaurs first hand, you must come and experience our event in person and watch the kids dance and go crazy with our dinosaurs! Don’t worry about room because there’s a ton of space for everyone to show off their best moves in the food court. And as if dancing wasn’t enough, maybe you’ll feel daring enough to get tickled by our dinosaurs. There’s no need to worry if they could accidentally take a bite because we may even have you feed them our famous Dinopop Popcorn before they get too hungry. How many times can you say you fed a dinosaur popcorn?

Jurassic Extreme at Plaza Paseo

If you are ready for a Jurassic adventure, come meet our roaring and cuddly dinosaurs and gain a dino friend!

A free event for the kids and shopping all in one place! Now that’s what I call an entertainment and shopping experience.

Jurassic Extreme Appearance Schedule (4PM-5PM)

March 31st

April 28th

May 26th

June 30th

July 28th

August 25th

September 29th

October 27th

November 24th

December 29th

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Jurassic Extreme Returns to Coreluv’s Defend The Orphan 5K Run/Walk

Walking Dinosaurs for Running Events

Jurassic Extreme was invited to the 3rd Annual DTO5K Run/Walk held by Coreluv International and their team on Saturday, November 18th for the second year in a row. The Coreluv, Defend the Orphan Foundation partners with communities and orphanages around the world providing basic essential needs such as, clean water, proper food, healthcare, and job skills to orphans in need. We consider it a special honor to be involved with events such as these that bring awareness to global issues. Rocco and Riley had to wake up bright and early for this one as we didn’t want to miss the start of the races.

Walking Dinosaurs Costumes
Walking Dinosaurs Costumes

When we arrived, the racers were already stretching, so our walking dinosaur Rocco rushed towards the crowd to make sure he wasn’t left out in the warm-up. Since there were two races, one for the kids and another for the adults, we knew it was going to be a busy morning.

Walking Dinosaurs Costumes

Rocco made sure he was at the start line with the kids to give them the extra motivation they needed to do their best and have fun. Everyone got a kick out of having Rocco run with them, even if he didn’t last too long in the race. Now when it came to the adult race, Rocco decided to show his support on the sidelines as not to get in the way of the serious racers. However, it was clear that he was stealing some of their thunder as he waited for everyone to cross the finish line. What can we say? That’s the type of frenzy our walking dinosaurs cause.

Walking Dinosaurs Costumes

The party didn’t stop there! Rocco & Riley hung out and joined in the after-race festivities as well, dancing as the DJ’s spun their music, walking around posing for pictures and letting everyone show them some love. They even hijacked the Photo booth for a picture or two.

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