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Jurassic Extreme at Coreluv Defend the Orphan 5K 2016

It was our first time participating at Coreluv’s Defend the Orphan 5K run on Saturday, November 19th. Rocket, Rocket-X and Remy made an appearance at this awesome event in Montgomery, Texas. We hope to be back again next year to this awesome event! For more information about Coreluv and their cause visit:

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Jurassic Extreme @ Sugar Land Town Square (Labor Day Weekend)

Question! What do you get when Houston’s fantastic four (Remy, Rocket, Razor, and Rocco) show up together for a free public appearance?

Answer: Total Pandemonium!

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, Sugar Land Town Square invited us to deliver a Jurassic spectacle like they’ve never experienced before. And that is what we did! We came, we roared, we conquered.

Jurassic Extreme Dinosaurs at Sugar Land Town Square Labor Day Weekend

It was a FREE event featuring Remy (Spinosaurus), Rocket (Trex), Razor (Velociraptor) and Rocco (Trex). Over 2,000 people showed up to witness life-like walking dinosaurs (not real dinosaurs! lol.. really?) to take over the Sugar Land Town Square.

After our dinosaur introduction, we invited two lucky birthday boys, Dawson and Chasten to take Rocket and Remy for a walk. Hey! It isn’t every day a kid can walk a dinosaur, right? This experience is a fun one to watch and it never gets old. It give kids the feeling like their walking their own pet dinosaur.

Dawson walking Jurassic Extreme Dinosaur

Racing Jurassic Extreme Dinosaurs

The event proceeded with lots of dancing, photos taken, and happy parents/kids everywhere. There were some kids that got to race all 4 dinosaurs! It was a true spectacle. We were enamored by all the dinosaur frenzy going on. It was pretty awesome to witness. As exciting as it was, it also became a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

First and foremost, we would like to state that we take safety as our top priority at every one of our free events. We were expecting a big crowd, but nothing could prepare us for the massive disorder we experienced on this evening. We’re always learning from every event, and we’re currently reworking our public program to ensure safety for all. The attendees and our staff/operators.

No kids were bitten by dinosaurs. Ha! No kids were lost. Everyone returned to their families safely. The event was a total success despite a few logistical hiccups. Hey! It happens folks. We’re not perfect. We’re simply here to give you and yours an awesome Jurassic experience.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Sugar Land Town Square, officers on duty, and everyone that attended the event. We hope you had a great time and enjoyed the Jurassic Extreme experience.

Stay tuned for more FREE events around Houston. We are already working on something different. Hint: robot handler!

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Jurassic Extreme Takes Over San Jose, California

We’re back after a twenty-six hour road trip to San Jose, California with our walking dinosaur costumes. A long trip indeed but well worth it.  The Jurassic World themed event was produced by Method42 Productions out of Santa Clara, California. It was an employee appreciation event hosted by Apple. How cool is that?  

Guests were able to experience a Jurassic EXTREME experience. If golf cart rides to the Jurassic World ride doesn’t sound cool enough, how about seeing real-like, dinosaur action right in front of you. Witnessing dinosaurs chasing down people (yes, they were actors- nobody was injured:) Wrecked jeeps, park rangers, and complete hysteria. What more can you ask for?

Jurassic Extreme in San Jose, California

 We have never experienced any event like this. An amazing fully-produced Jurassic show for the people. It felt like we were part of a Jurassic Park movie and of course, Rocket, Remy, Riley, and Rocket-X were the super stars! 

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