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Jurassic Extreme Takes Over San Jose, California

We’re back after a twenty-six hour road trip to San Jose, California with our walking dinosaur costumes. A long trip indeed but well worth it.  The Jurassic World themed event was produced by Method42 Productions out of Santa Clara, California. It was an employee appreciation event hosted by Apple. How cool is that?  

Guests were able to experience a Jurassic EXTREME experience. If golf cart rides to the Jurassic World ride doesn’t sound cool enough, how about seeing real-like, dinosaur action right in front of you. Witnessing dinosaurs chasing down people (yes, they were actors- nobody was injured:) Wrecked jeeps, park rangers, and complete hysteria. What more can you ask for?

Jurassic Extreme in San Jose, California

 We have never experienced any event like this. An amazing fully-produced Jurassic show for the people. It felt like we were part of a Jurassic Park movie and of course, Rocket, Remy, Riley, and Rocket-X were the super stars! 

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Summer 2016 Update

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your devoted support and for sharing this awesome journey with us. We’ve been operating Jurassic Extreme for over a year now, and it’s been one of the most rewarding years of our lives. We’ve had the opportunity to create memories with so many kids and adults who love Dinosaurs as much as we do. We are grateful for every event we attend and have the opportunity to provide the Jurassic Extreme experience.

To all of our clients: We thank you immensely for that opportunity. 

Moving forward, we are super excited to grow the Jurassic Extreme family. More walking dinosaurs costumes to come!  Our newest addition, Rocket X and a Remy (Spinosaurus) are ready to carve their own rock stardom! And, it didn’t take long for Remy to climb up that ladder. Are you ready for this? 

BIG NEWS: Remy will be making her debut in San Jose, California for an Apple event! How cool is that? Yes, we are traveling to California next week to showcase our Jurassic Extreme experience. Apple is such a great company, and we are honored to give them the live Jurassic Extreme experience.

Lastly, bookings for birthday parties continues to be the most popular choice. We love celebrating birthdays and putting smiles on kids faces. Not to mention, watching the parents transform to kids again and seeing them enjoy the experience as as well. 

Aside from birthday appearances, we have also participated in this years Houston Children’s festival in downtown Houston, a July 4th Parade for Meadows Place, Texas, an appearance at MacDonad’s, Memorial City Mall’s Jurassic Adventures,  Discovery Green for a Jurassic World viewing event brought to you by Bank of America, a private networking event at The Museum of Natural science, Field Day at St. Theresa’s Catholic School, University of Thomas grad student year end social at St. Arnold’s Brewery, DNV GL’s Gala, Easter event at Celebration Church in the Woodlands, Holi Festival of Colors, 4th Annual Kids Running for Kids in the Woodlands, Muscular Dystrophy Gala and The Ultra 55 Hour Race in Sugar Land, Texas.

2016 has been a very busy and incredible year so far. So what’s next? Maybe a dinosaur with feathers? Robots Extreme, did we say Robots!!? What do you think? Stay tuned!

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Our Return to Memorial City Mall

We were honored to be invited back to Memorial City Mall to showcase our Jurassic Adventure show for the second time. The love and support was nothing short of amazing. We had a great turn out and we were grateful to see such an amazing crowd. 

The excitement escalated quickly as families started to pour in with a great sense of anticipation. We could see smiles on kids faces as Rocket X and Rocket (Walking Dinosaur Costumes) were getting ready to hit the stage. Here’s a fun fact to share: Memorial City Mall was Rocket’s first public appearance. Yes, he was super excited to be back where it started and perform for everybody once again. 

Jurassic Extreme at Memorial City Mall 2016

We kicked it off with a fun activity and always a crowd pleaser. We dared the bravest kids to place their heads inside the dinosaurs mouths. A few hesitated while others were a bit frightened and couldn’t follow through.  That’s okay. Putting your head   inside a big dinosaurs mouth can be pretty scary. However, we did have a few that approached the dinosaurs with caution and placed their heads inside the dinosaurs mouth. It was fun to see. 

Jurassic Extreme at Memorial City Mall 2016

Kids were also invited to show off  their dancing skills and have a dance off with the dinosaurs. Have you seen or heard? Oh, our dinosaurs CAN dance!  Both Rocket and Rocket X worked their dance moves and the crowd loved it! It’s always fun watching our dinosaurs dance. It’s always a different show every time they perform. They love to improvise and create new moves. 


 After the break, Rocket and Rocket X  walked around the crowd taking selfies and soaking up the attention.Believe us, they loooove the attention:) Despite the massive crowd and limited space, everything went smoothly and everybody had the opportunity to enjoy the Dinosaurs up close and personal. 

 Jurassic Adventures concluded as guests were invited to come up and get their picture taken with Rocket X and Rocket. This is always the best part for our dinosaurs. They love showing off their big smiles and interact with everyone personally. Memorial City made them feel like rock stars that day. It was pretty awesome and one of the most memorable events we’ve had this year. 

 We want to thank Memorial City Mall, Lott Entertainment and The Houston Museum of Natural Science for the opportunity to be a part of this event. We also want to thank everyone who attended and those that came back to Memorial City Mall for second time to catch the Jurassic Adventure experience. We take great pride in being Houston’s walking dinosaur live entertainment and bringing the Jurassic Extreme experience to you and yours. Until we meet again.


The Jurassic Extreme Family

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