Walking Dinosaurs for Schools

We were invited to celebrate Energized for Excellence Academy’s Fall Festival on Friday, October 27th. It was a full force Jurassic Extreme takeover as we brought in our dinosaur entourage which included Rocco, Remy, Razor, and Riley. The Early Development campus kids were wowed as our gigantic walking dinosaurs walked amongst them, so we made sure they understood our creatures were friendly and were there to have fun. They became truly intrigued after seeing them dancing and tickling the kids.

Our second segment of the event was a surprise as we paid a visit to the elementary through middle school campus where they had an amusement park set up for all. The dinosaurs were right at home since it felt like we were back in Jurassic World. It was clearly an unforgettable moment for everyone. When the walking dinosaurs approached the gates, you could see the looks on their faces were filled with shock and wonder. Kids of all ages scrambled over while others raced to make sure they were front and center to our dinosaurs. No one was afraid, but rather fascinated that we had come to their school event. Due to the event being held in such a large area, we had plenty of ground to cover. As we passed the DJ, the dinosaurs heard “Despacito” playing and decided to show off their moves with the middle school kids. They rocked the dance floor! What was the best part of the event? Well, if you ask Remy it was all the attention and hugs. Rocco said the Dinosaur fight since he won. The dance off was the best for Razor since he triumphed while Riley loved having all the kids wanting to take pictures with her nonstop. It was almost a red-carpet event for Jurassic Extreme’s Dinosaur Entertainment! We can’t wait to be there again next year!


Walking Dinosaurs for Schools


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