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Luke’s Jurassic World Movie Party @ Studio Movie Grill

What kind of party do you host when your son turns 4 and loves dinosaurs? Well, a Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Movie Party! Luke had an awesome time celebrating his birthday at Studio Movie Grill with friends, family and dinosaurs. Rocket and Riley showed up after the movie to take pictures, tickle a few braves ones, sing happy birthday and take a walk around City Centre.


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Adam’s Dino Party in Houston, Texas [Video + Gallery]

Kids Birthday Party in Houston, Texas

One of the coolest dino parties in Houston happened on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Heights Houston has never seen a dino party like this one! Have you ever seen a volcano cake that erupts what looks like real lava? How about original dinosaur artwork? This party’s dino theme party decor was amazing!

Rocco and Razor provided dinosaur entertainment at Adam’s Park. For Adam’s 4th birthday party the theme was…. yeah, dinosaurs! Don’t forget to watch the cool video we shot and edited… and check out the cool photos by Jordan Smith of 73 Photography.



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To book Jurassic Extreme for your child’s next birthday party please use the form below to request a quote.



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Kids Birthday Parties in Houston

Since 2015,  Jurassic Extreme has provided live Dinosaur Entertainment to over two hundred dino loving fanatics. It’s been a true joy witnessing firsthand the enchantment dinosaurs bring into our lives. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys our friendly, crowd pleasing dinosaurs.

Our Jurassic family has grown rapidly in a short period of time. We currently have six different walking dinosaur costumes. All assured to make any kids dream of dinosaurs come true. You can even book up to four walking dinosaurs to really make it a full blown Jurassic experience!

Do you have a dinosaur theme party coming up? Do you want to make a kid’s party a memorable one? We can make it happen. You’ve probably seen the notorious T-rex a few times roaring around the interwebs and on the big screen, right? Well, we’re proud to announce our first and rare to the public eye, Triceratops, this summer! We are super excited and can’t wait to have it part of our Jurassic Extreme family.

Not only is it fun to have a walking dinosaur at your child’s next birthday party, but they also make great photo ops. Imagine capturing a photo of your child putting his/her head inside a dinosaur’s mouth! What about a picture of them racing a dinosaur! Priceless.



We don’t just show up with a dinosaur and have kids wondering what to do. Our experienced MC (Master of Ceremonies) keeps your children engaged throughout the entire performance of the dinosaur(s). Jurassic Extreme will make your child feels like the “superstar dinosaur tamer” they are. The birthday boy or girl will lead the way with the initial dinosaur walk ensuring to his guest that our dinosaurs are friendly and are just here to have fun. Check out our list of activities:

Walk the Dinosaur
Race the Dinosaur (if space permits)
Kick the Ball with the Dinosaur
Get Eaten by a Dinosaur
Dinosaur Fight (requires 2 dinosaurs)
Dinosaur Dance-Off (Dance against the Dinosaur)
Put Your Head or Hand Inside of Dinosaur
Selfie + Group Picture Time with Dinosaur
Dinosaur or Dinosaurs Join Singing Happy Birthday

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