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Adam’s Dino Party in Houston, Texas [Video + Gallery]

Kids Birthday Party in Houston, Texas

One of the coolest dino parties in Houston happened on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Heights Houston has never seen a dino party like this one! Have you ever seen a volcano cake that erupts what looks like real lava? How about original dinosaur artwork? This party’s dino theme party decor was amazing!

Rocco and Razor provided dinosaur entertainment at Adam’s Park. For Adam’s 4th birthday party the theme was…. yeah, dinosaurs! Don’t forget to watch the cool video we shot and edited… and check out the cool photos by Jordan Smith of 73 Photography.



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To book Jurassic Extreme for your child’s next birthday party please use the form below to request a quote.



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    Walking Dinosaurs for Twin’s Birthday Party

    On August 8 2015, Razor + Rocket were booked for a special dinosaur birthday party. But, this wasnt your typical birthday party. Kimberly and Samantha are twin sisters who were turning eight years old and guess what the theme was? Jurassic World!!  The cake, balloons, and party decorations roared pure Jurassic celebration All they needed now were walking dinosaurs to take their Jurassic theme to the next level. Both girls were aware of the dinosaurs arrival, however, they weren’t expecting Walking Dinosaurs like Rocket + Razor. Not to mention, we brought the dancing fever with our dancing loving dinosaurs. It seems to be catching a buzz at every party.  We can’t say we’re surprised either since they are some pretty awesome dancers. You have to see them live to witness it.  Quite the spectacle! Razor was on fire and won the dance battle. Check out the full dinosaur dance off video on our Youtube Channel and see for yourself.

    Every party is different and unique. Both twin girls were hugging and kissing Rocket. Expressing their love and appreciation for him. There was a touching moment when one of the birthday girls was sadden by Rocket’s departure. She didn’t want him to leave, but Rocket returned quickly to shower her with dinosaur love once again. The look on her face was priceless.


    This was was a fun and super entertaining birthday party!  It was great watching Razor bounce around during the dance off and seeing Rocket becoming a real super hero making a birthday girl’s party a priceless moment.


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    Jurassic Extreme @ CityCentre (06.13.15)

    Who said dinosaurs are extinct? Join us in the CityCentre Plaza on Saturday, June 13 from 11 AM – 1 PM for a prehistoric program.

    Jurassic Extreme will introduce Rocket the Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex and Razor the Velociraptor, both 7′ high and 12′ long Walking Dinosaurs!




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