Jurassic Extreme had a Spooktacular time at Sugarland’s Halloween Town this year. Although we’ve participated in four Sugar Land events in the past, we can never seem to get enough. This Halloween season, we brought walking dinosaurs Rocco and Razor to visit all the ghosts, goblins, sorcerers, ninjas, and other special characters. From the moment we took our dinosaurs out of the trailer, all eyes were on us! Our first route was to the center of the square where all the activities were under way. The kids were lined up for the costume contests while some parents had to pull others to the stage since they were so distracted by our surprise guests. We then made our way towards the street so kids that just arrived would be able to see Rocco and Razor as well. And boy was that chaotic! It soon became a fan frenzy for everyone trying to get a picture, pet the dinosaurs or even grab the tail to know what they felt like. We decided to continue our pathway down the street through the hotel, restaurant, and bar venues, where the adult patrons met us eager to take selfies and videos. There wasn’t a person or child in sight that wasn’t captivated by our T-Rex and Velociraptor. Soon after the crowd became as overwhelming as Paparazzi chasing a celebrity down the street. What can we say? That’s the effect Jurassic Extreme and our walking dinosaurs for Halloween have on people! Kids love it, they mesmerize adults as it becomes a moment frozen in time for all. We even had a few of our birthday kids come to the event just to say hello to their memorable friends! The events at Sugar Land Town Square are always a blast, however we were so proud to be a part of the Halloween treat this year! Check out the cool photos below by Forse Media! Are you ready to bring dinosaur entertainment to your next event?



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