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Our Return to Memorial City Mall

We were honored to be invited back to Memorial City Mall to showcase our Jurassic Adventure show for the second time. The love and support was nothing short of amazing. We had a great turn out and we were grateful to see such an amazing crowd. 

The excitement escalated quickly as families started to pour in with a great sense of anticipation. We could see smiles on kids faces as Rocket X and Rocket (Walking Dinosaur Costumes) were getting ready to hit the stage. Here’s a fun fact to share: Memorial City Mall was Rocket’s first public appearance. Yes, he was super excited to be back where it started and perform for everybody once again. 

Jurassic Extreme at Memorial City Mall 2016

We kicked it off with a fun activity and always a crowd pleaser. We dared the bravest kids to place their heads inside the dinosaurs mouths. A few hesitated while others were a bit frightened and couldn’t follow through.  That’s okay. Putting your head   inside a big dinosaurs mouth can be pretty scary. However, we did have a few that approached the dinosaurs with caution and placed their heads inside the dinosaurs mouth. It was fun to see. 

Jurassic Extreme at Memorial City Mall 2016

Kids were also invited to show off  their dancing skills and have a dance off with the dinosaurs. Have you seen or heard? Oh, our dinosaurs CAN dance!  Both Rocket and Rocket X worked their dance moves and the crowd loved it! It’s always fun watching our dinosaurs dance. It’s always a different show every time they perform. They love to improvise and create new moves. 


 After the break, Rocket and Rocket X  walked around the crowd taking selfies and soaking up the attention.Believe us, they loooove the attention:) Despite the massive crowd and limited space, everything went smoothly and everybody had the opportunity to enjoy the Dinosaurs up close and personal. 

 Jurassic Adventures concluded as guests were invited to come up and get their picture taken with Rocket X and Rocket. This is always the best part for our dinosaurs. They love showing off their big smiles and interact with everyone personally. Memorial City made them feel like rock stars that day. It was pretty awesome and one of the most memorable events we’ve had this year. 

 We want to thank Memorial City Mall, Lott Entertainment and The Houston Museum of Natural Science for the opportunity to be a part of this event. We also want to thank everyone who attended and those that came back to Memorial City Mall for second time to catch the Jurassic Adventure experience. We take great pride in being Houston’s walking dinosaur live entertainment and bringing the Jurassic Extreme experience to you and yours. Until we meet again.


The Jurassic Extreme Family

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Our Family of Walking Dinosaurs Continues to Grow

What a first great year! We are so busy that blogging about our journey has been challenging. Since our last post we acquired 2 more dinosaurs. Our first female dinosaur, Riley, arrived last Fall and Rocket X just arrived this summer. We now have 5 Walking Dinosaurs. If you follow us on Facebook then you already know that our 6th Walking Dinosaur, a Spinosaurus, arrives this Fall. In just less than a year and a half we have grown our family of dinosaurs to 5. Do we plan to buy more? The answer is “yes”. We want to provide our customers with a variety of dinosaurs to choose from. For those with large-scale events, 5 dinosaurs is more impactful than 1. After all, we are Jurassic Extreme! Stay tuned…


4th Walking Dinosaur

Riley, 4th Walking Dinosaur

Rocket X, 5th Walking Dinosaur

Rocket X, 5th Walking Dinosaur


6th Walking Dinosaur arrives this Fall

6th Walking Dinosaur arrives this Fall



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Jurassic Extreme Weekend

The last weekend of August was our busiest weekend since we started 4 months ago. Our Walking Dinosaur Rocket had 3 solo performances and 2 performances with Razor. We celebrated with 5 boys – Anakin (11), Truth (4), Jonathan (4), Jacob (5), & Dawson (4). Here is our Jurassic Extreme weekend adventure:

Rocket + Razor’s appearance was a total surprise for all of the birthday boys and their guest.

Before each walking dinosaur made their appearance the kids helped the birthday boys shout out Rocket or Razor’s name “Rocket, Rocket… Rocket!”. The energy of all the kids and parents made Rocket and Razor’s nerves much calmer. It’s always fun watching their instant reaction when they first see the dinosaurs and amazing how much kids love dinosaurs.

We had a fun time dancing to Anakin’s favorite song “Hooked On A Feeling” by Blue Swede. We especially liked Anakin’s love for music and dance rhythm. He is quite the dance machine. Anakin also had a surprise visit from an imperial officer out of the Star Wars Movie. The party just got cooler! Jurassic Extreme captured the moment with Rocket + Anakin + Mom and the Imperial Officer.

Upon arrival to Truth’s party we noticed a huge Hamster Ball and other games in the yard. We also noticed all the cool Jurassic World props. It was our first time seeing a Dinosaur Bust cake made out of Rice Krispies. It looked great and delicious! Truth’s mom did an awesome job with all the Jurassic World party decorations – cake, cupcakes, balloons, plates, etc.. Truth, his mom and guests were wearing Jurassic World T-Shirts. Now there is a Jurassic World theme type of party! Razor and Rocket had a grand time chasing Truth in the Hamster Ball.

Jonathan’s aunt Erika surprised him with a special appearance from Rocket! The party was not only a surprise to the birthday boy but everyone who attended the party. His guests took pictures before dancing with the dinosaur. Once Jonathan realized that Rocket was not the type of dinosaurs he sees on TV he finally approached him and took a picture with him. Just before Rocket left Jonathan gave him a big hug.

The morning of Sunday, August 30th, Jacob and Javier received a breakfast surprise from Rocket. Rocket was thrilled because he noticed the huge open field where he could roam around freely. He even chased a power wheel jeep in the field. It definitely looked like the scene in Jurassic Park. Jacob was in full control and introduced Rocket to jumping. He had him jump around 10-15 times. It was pretty challenging for Rocket as you can only imagine the weight needed to make that lift. Rocket enjoyed being around Jacob’s warm and patient personality. He definitely learned a lot from Jacob – back kick and jumping. We think Rocket made a new best friend!

Rocket made his way to his final dinosaur birthday party destination in Pearland. He met cute little Dawson. Dawson was full of curiosity when Rocket came walking into his backyard. Curiosity is always high when Rocket first encounters 4 year olds. Dawson gave Rocket the biggest hug he could. It was a sweet moment watching little Dawson hug the big guy Rocket.

Rocket and Razor had an incredible great time dancing the Cha Cha slide with the birthday boy’s, kicking around a soccer ball, and racing the kids. He is definitely no pro but he is quickly becoming familiar with the concept.

Our team’s experience was thrilling! We walked away with huge smiles on our face because we knew we made their day. The birthday boy’s smile throughout Rocket and Razor’s performance was priceless!

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