It’s no secret that Jurassic Extreme has made their mark here in Texas with our walking dinosaur costumes. But we aren’t alone when it comes to dinosaur entertainment, so we thought we would take a moment to show some love to our friends and part of the walking dinosaur family, American Dinosaur Events. Located in Southern California, American Dinosaur Events services the areas of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Orange County. Like Jurassic Extreme, these guys have their dream team of dinosaurs.

American Dinosaur Events offers in California, what Jurassic Extreme offers here in Texas. We consider them great friends and there could even be a possible collaboration in the future. So please keep checking with us periodically because that’s an event you surely aren’t going to want to miss! Can you imagine having Jurassic Extreme and American Dinosaur Events team up for the biggest dinosaur event of the century? The kids will never want to leave!!! So, if you have an upcoming birthday party, corporate event, grand opening, festival, or other upcoming special events in the southern California area, feel free to reach out to them so they can help you with your dinosaur needs. We highly recommend them! To find out more, please visit their link: