Jurassic Extreme was invited to the 2017 City of Conroe’s Trick or Treat Trail held on Saturday, October 21st at the Carl Barton Jr. Park. Although guests were initially worried about the rain, not even that was enough to frighten our costumed kids from arriving to the event in style. Our Walking Dinosaurs Rocco and Riley got to spend two fun filled hours tricking and treating with kids of all ages as well as a few special guests we didn’t expect. Although we had to keep a close eye on our walking dinosaurs trying to steal all the candy from our treaters, they were a huge hit! Every goblin, princess, superhero, and other special characters got an up close and personal view.

And for the onlookers, the landscape of the park gave a perfect vantage point of our T-Rex and Velociraptor coming down the trail through the trees and across the pond.

It was a true Jurassic World moment! Now to our surprise we even had a few trick or treaters disguised as dinosaurs, however not even the best of costumes could hold a candle to our majestic creatures.

As our journey took us around the perimeter of the park, Rocco and Riley made it a point to make sure every child had a moment of interaction, whether for a picture or hug or just a quick pet for the few reluctant treaters. When it was finally time to go, no one wanted to see Rocco & Riley leave.

At the end, our normally savage, ground shaking dinosaurs had tummy aches from all the candy they were given on the trail. The City of Conroe always has great child friendly experiences and we are honored to be special VIP’s to many of their events and to have been a part of this one. It was a great kick off weekend to the start of many Halloween festivities to come.

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