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Jurassic Extreme @ Plaza Paseo


Are you ready for some dinosaur entertainment? Saturday afternoons at Plaza Paseo just got a little more exciting!


The last Saturday of every month from 4PM-5PM, Plaza Paseo in Pasadena brings Jurassic Extreme to their town square mall. Grab a friend and be prepared to go down in prehistory.

Jurassic Extreme at Plaza Paseo

Jurassic Extreme will be bringing by different walking dinosaurs the last Saturday of every month in 2018. So, if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet our charming walking dinosaurs first hand, you must come and experience our event in person and watch the kids dance and go crazy with our dinosaurs! Don’t worry about room because there’s a ton of space for everyone to show off their best moves in the food court. And as if dancing wasn’t enough, maybe you’ll feel daring enough to get tickled by our dinosaurs. There’s no need to worry if they could accidentally take a bite because we may even have you feed them our famous Dinopop Popcorn before they get too hungry. How many times can you say you fed a dinosaur popcorn?

Jurassic Extreme at Plaza Paseo

If you are ready for a Jurassic adventure, come meet our roaring and cuddly dinosaurs and gain a dino friend!

A free event for the kids and shopping all in one place! Now that’s what I call an entertainment and shopping experience.

Jurassic Extreme Appearance Schedule (4PM-5PM)

March 31st

April 28th

May 26th

June 30th

July 28th

August 25th

September 29th

October 27th

November 24th

December 29th

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Feed the Dinosaur

Ever wonder what our dinosaurs eat when their hungry? Well even though they like to watch their prehistoric figures, they like to indulge every once in a while and you’ll never guess what that indulgence is….POPCORN! That’s right, while there are many options, Popcorn is their absolute favorite.


Jurassic Extreme Kids Birthday Party in Houston


Jurassic Extreme recently decided who better to experience feeding our walking dinosaurs than our kids, so we’ve added another memorable experience for all our birthday boys and girls. And to be perfectly honest, it’s the ONLY time we let Rocco, Riley, Ramsey, Reese, Rocket X and Remy go off their diets. We have to put our disclaimer out there because Rocco and Rocket X tend to devour their popcorn and sometimes leave little reminders that they were munching out. Ramsey on the other hand is a slow eater, so you have to be patient with him. Reese, she’s a very picky eater so if it’s not just right she’ll let you know. Remy inhales popcorn and it’s gone in the blink of an eye, whereas Riley is always getting the pieces stuck in her teeth so she has popcorn breath for the rest of the day.


Jurassic Extreme Kids Birthday Party in Houston


The great things about all of their little tendencies is that it makes for a great show! In fact, we’ve had to remind the kids that the popcorn is special for the dinosaurs because they start eating it as well, so it’s safe to say – Everyone loves Popcorn and our new activity! Even our dinosaurs try to follow a healthy diet but have to cheat every now and then. So just when you thought you had seen it all, we have added ANOTHER great birthday activity to our list.


Jurassic Extreme Kids Birthday Party in Houston


Jurassic Extreme wants to bring you the best experience possible and that’s what makes us unique. No matter the occasion or situation, we find  ways to make it the best memorable moment it can be. So make sure your kids are ready to feed our dinosaurs at your next party, because they will be ready willing and hungry!

Are you hosting a kids birthday party in Houston? Book now before someone else.

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Dilophosaurus debut in Houston, Texas

Girl Dinosaur Birthday Party in Houston, Texas.

Reese recently made her debut in Houston for a special girl. Not only was this event important because of Sophia’s 9th birthday, but also because our latest addition Reese, was making her very first birthday appearance. Although Reese had been a part of our team for a few weeks already, she wanted to make sure that her first birthday party an unforgettable moment, so she chose Sofia as the lucky girl. Let me take a moment to introduce Reese, our female Dilophosaurus, to you. Whether the double crest on her head or the beautifully vibrant pinkish purplish colors that make her almost an artistic walking dinosaur, there is no denying that Reese is a show stopper! From the moment she greeted Sofia, you could tell all eyes were on her. Jurassic Extreme brought Remy and Rocco to help our newcomer feel at ease. The walking dinosaurs dinosaurs took turns walking with Sofia and her friends, followed by running a few races. We even had some popcorn in hand for Sophia to feed Reese, Remy, and Rocco since they were starving after having such a long day. The highlight of this birthday party, was the game of Hide and Seek where our dinosaurs went in search for all the hidden kids. The kids didn’t stop there, we even played a game of soccer while the kids had to make sure our dinosaurs didn’t take the ball away from them. Rocco wanted to roar with the kids, so we lined them up and let them try to scare him off by mimicking his roar. However, the true crowd pleaser was our dance off. For the first time, we had moms, dads, grandmothers, and grandfathers shaking their bon bons to the music with the kids. Remember that monumental moment I mentioned earlier? Well Reese picked the right one with Sophia’s birthday!

Are you searching for a unique form of entertainment for a kids birthday party in Houston? Contact us today to book Jurassic Extreme!

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