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Dilophosaurus debut in Houston, Texas

Girl Dinosaur Birthday Party in Houston, Texas.

Reese recently made her debut in Houston for a special girl. Not only was this event important because of Sophia’s 9th birthday, but also because our latest addition Reese, was making her very first birthday appearance. Although Reese had been a part of our team for a few weeks already, she wanted to make sure that her first birthday party an unforgettable moment, so she chose Sofia as the lucky girl. Let me take a moment to introduce Reese, our female Dilophosaurus, to you. Whether the double crest on her head or the beautifully vibrant pinkish purplish colors that make her almost an artistic walking dinosaur, there is no denying that Reese is a show stopper! From the moment she greeted Sofia, you could tell all eyes were on her. Jurassic Extreme brought Remy and Rocco to help our newcomer feel at ease. The walking dinosaurs dinosaurs took turns walking with Sofia and her friends, followed by running a few races. We even had some popcorn in hand for Sophia to feed Reese, Remy, and Rocco since they were starving after having such a long day. The highlight of this birthday party, was the game of Hide and Seek where our dinosaurs went in search for all the hidden kids. The kids didn’t stop there, we even played a game of soccer while the kids had to make sure our dinosaurs didn’t take the ball away from them. Rocco wanted to roar with the kids, so we lined them up and let them try to scare him off by mimicking his roar. However, the true crowd pleaser was our dance off. For the first time, we had moms, dads, grandmothers, and grandfathers shaking their bon bons to the music with the kids. Remember that monumental moment I mentioned earlier? Well Reese picked the right one with Sophia’s birthday!

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Jurassic Extreme Goes to Space Center Houston

Jurassic Extreme marked off one of the biggest goals from our bucket list this January. What was the goal you ask? Well, taking the Walking Dinosaurs to the moon of course!!! We’re just kidding. Now although we didn’t quite make it to the moon, we made it close enough because we were invited to Nasa’s Space Center Headquarters for a super special birthday party for our space cadet, Fernando. Now although Fernando was a little older, that didn’t make him too cool for Dinosaurs! Thank goodness, because we could barely keep Ramsey, Riley, and Razor in the trailer. Once they saw the sign and space shuttle at the entrance, they were roaring to get out. And when our special guests were announced, we had a full house of thrilled kids, running around, and jumping up and down in anticipation. It was almost an intergalactic experience bringing our dinosaurs to this cosmic event. Fernando kicked off the party walking Riley and Razor and then decided to let his friends get their chance to walk too. With so many kids, and one of our largest birthdays yet, time flew by because we were having so much fun. Razor and Riley then got a chance to take some pictures and tickle the kids, but I think their dance off was their favorite. And although we don’t have favorite dinosaurs, Ramsey was the top pick for this party. We think it’s safe to say that they were star struck by his size and color. The kids lined up to kick the ball and didn’t hesitate when it came to dance with him. Maybe it seemed that way because Ramsey got to sing Happy Birthday to Fernando and helped him blow out the candles. Who knows? Let’s just say that either way it was a successful mission for Jurassic Extreme!

Jurassic Extreme Walking Dinosaurs

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Kids Birthday Party in Houston, Texas

Jurassic Extreme (Walking Dinosaurs Entertainment) brought in the new year with a birthday extravaganza held at Punks Simple Southern Food in Rice Village for Matthew, our birthday boy. On this day Rocco and Remy got the special invite to attend and as soon as they were unloaded, they caught everyone’s attention. Cars were stopping in the middle of the street as onlookers tried to catch a glimpse or snap a video or photo of our entourage. It literally felt like Paparazzi was chasing us down before we could even get on the premises. Since Matthew already knew about his big party, he didn’t hesitate to greet Rocco and Remy as soon as we arrived. He couldn’t contain his excitement and decided he would walk both dinosaurs in for the festivities. As his young friends waited patiently to get a chance to walk the dinosaurs themselves, you could see that these massive, almost mystical creatures fascinated and mystified them. However, we always make sure the kids at our events, big or small, know that our walking dinosaurs are friendly and there to have fun. The party was filled with numerous activities as Matthew and the kids showed off their best dance moves on the field with our dinosaurs. There were even a few races! Shortly after Matthew’s mom brought out several soccer balls and the kids played a few rounds as Rocco and Remy tried to steal the balls away from them. Our dinos were having so much fun, they decided they wanted to tickle Matthew and his friends before we had to go just to make sure they giggled and laughed as much as they could that day. And since time always flies when you are having fun, we made sure Matthew and the kids got to pet or give Rocco and Remy big hugs before we had to leave. It was a great start to 2018 and we can’t wait for the wonderful parties to come! We look forward to providing more dinosaur entertainment for kids parties in Houston.

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